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Brief Introduction (Profile)
Jiangyin Eastern Valve Co., Ltd (JEV), established in 1984, became a joint venture company in 1999, Located in Zhouzhuang Town, Jiangyin City nearby Shanghai. JEV occupies 50,533 square meters, while the floorage occupies 50,000 square meters. There are three divisions: GGC valve, Ball Valve, Foundry. There are about 150 machining machines, including 60 CNC machines, such as PUMA boring & milling machining center, 5-meter vertical turning machine.
Main products including: Annual output 60,000 pieces gate/globe/check valves, size from 2”~60”, class 150~2500, according to API 600/ API 623/ API 594; Annual output 20,000 pieces ball valves, size from 2”~36”, class 150~2500, according API 6D. Valve body material mostly carbon steel and stainless steel,such as WCB/LCC/CF8M. Other special material such as CN7M super austenite S.S., duplex S.S., chrome steel such as C5/C12/CA6NM, Nickel based alloy such as Inconel, Hastelloy. Carbon steel and bronze marine valves according JIS standard is available and material certified by Lloyd  
Products certified by API 600, API 6D, CE, and TS. Management system according ISO9001. Products have passed the API 591 and API 624 test by the American test labs, and ISO 15848-1 test witnessed by TUV
There are about 50 people for quality assurance and inspection, including 4 NDE persons with level Ⅱcertificates of RT, UT, MT, PT. NDE facility including Ir192 γ ray for RT test. 30 hydro test equipments for all valves hydro testing. Besides of normal physical test of tensile and Charpy impact test, there are spectrometers for chemical test, PMI for chemical identification, metallographic test, -196℃ cryogenic test, 80MPa high pressure gas test, French helium fugitive emission tester, 50,000 N-M torque tester, CMM dimension inspection machine
There are a technical group response for engineering department and R&D center, with senior engineers and engineers over 20 years valve manufacturing experience. All research including casting process, alloy material, corrosion resistance, surface hardening, overlay welding to be developed for all the new technology of the manufacturing process. The stem surface hardening technology to prevent galling is the first innovation in valve industry worldwide. United with American customer to design special service valves, such as hydro-cracking, high temperature and high pressure metal seated floating ball valve, subsea floating ball valve, some products are successfully used in small quantity.  
JEV have own foundries, one is sand castings, another is lost-wax casting and shell mold casting, with capacity 7000 tons per year. Able to make material WCB, LCC, CF8M, CF3M, CN7M, CA6NM, A890 4A/5A, WC6, WC9, C5, C12, C12A.  Large size castings to be poured by sand casting which is resin and ester-hardened combined system, small castings to be made by lost wax and shell mold. Solidification simulation is applied as an assistant method, together with Japanese and India casting experience, to develop JEV’s own casting pouring system, as an example, some C12 castings without any welding repair can pass RT & MT inspection as required of the mandatory appendices Ⅰ&Ⅱof ASME B16.34. Raw material to be critically controlled during the melting, the harmful elements can meet the NACE requirement by Oil companies. All class 900 and higher pressure, and all 30” and larger size to be RT tested and MT tested as JEV ‘s own specification  
JEV strictly follow company’s HSE policy, All manufacturing process to be according to ISO14001, OHSAS18001for environment protection and human safety. When new technology to be developed, the government environment policy shall be in priority consideration. Company also provide dormitories for employee when required, and prohibit any gambling, drug activity, help those people to ease their family confliction and negotiate with local school for children education rights, all those make employee have a working condition as a family membership, and become a special employee safety working environment  
The important customers cooperating with JEV are FORUM (DSI/PBV) USA and Mitsumoto Japan. OEM Products have been approved by Exxon-Mobil, Chevron, BP, and famous engineering company worldwide such as SUNCOR, FLOUR, KBR, SASOL. Products are shipped to North American and South American, South-east Asia, Middle East, South Africa, and Japan .